Counternarratives in Social Media

I am working on a book that examines blogs by mothers of autistic children as a case study of the personal and political power of online narratives.  Stay tuned for an overview and proposed table of contents.  See also:

Goldsmith, D. J., & Ackerman, A. (forthcoming).  Whose story is it?  In F. Green & J. McLeod Rogers (Eds.), Mothering/internet/kids. Bradford, ON: Demeter Press.

Goldsmith, D. J. (forthcoming Fall 2021). Mom blogging as maternal activism: How to be an ally to autism acceptance.  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative.

Goldsmith, D. J. (2020). Together, narrating an open future. In BettyAnn Martin and Michelann Parr (Eds.), Writing mothers: Narrative acts of care, redemption, and transformation (pp. 109-126). Bradford, ON: Demeter Press.

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