Lewis & Clark College Service

Gender Studies Steering Committee (2006-present)
Budget Advisory Committee (2018-2019)
Environmental Studies Steering Committee (2017-2019)
Rena Ratte and Neely Scholarship Selection Committee (2017-18)
RHMS Department Chair (2013 – 2016)
Interim Director, Gender Studies (2015-16)
Digital Scholarship Multisite Steering Committee (2015 to present)
Lewis & Clark Class of 1986 Reunion Organizing Committee (2015-16)
Living Learning Community Revision Committee (2015-16)
New Faculty Mentor (2014-2015)
Faculty Liaison, Holistic Wellness Living Learning Community (2014-2016)
Committee on Tenure and Promotion (2013-2014)
E-group (Task force on Entrepreneurship) (2012-2013)
Interim Department Chair (Fall 2012)
Director of Academic Advising (2010-2012)
Clerk of the Faculty (2011-2012)
Chair, Dean of Student Affairs Search Committee (2011-2012)
Search committee, Rhetoric & Media Studies Rhetoric position (2011-2012)
Chair, Director of Forensics Search Committee (2010-2011)
Developmental Review Committee, Heather Smith-Cannoy (2011)
Developmental Review Committee, Tim Mechlinski (2009 – present)
Committee on Promotion and Tenure (2009-2010)
Retention Subcommittee/Retention Task Force (2009-2011)
Faculty Council (2008-2009)
Search committee, Communication Department Mass Communication position (2008-2009)
Interim head, Gender Studies Program (Spring 2009)
Co-chair, Forensics Reunion Steering Committee (2008)
Curriculum Committee (2007-2008)
Chair, Subcommittee on Petitions, Appeals, and Student-designed Majors (2007-2008)
Department Curriculum Revision Committee (2006-2007)
Co-chair, Class of 1986 Reunion Steering Committee (2006)

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